24 Hours on Peach

Yesterday, a new social media app called Peach appeared on the world* wide web. (*In this case, “world” consists of “people who own iPhones.”) I was intrigued by its apparent pointlessness, and I decided to give it a try, taking advantage of its unique features, like drawing, creating custom GIFs (see my hilarious, dead-on impressions of all four Beatles), rating things, and rolling virtual dice.

I don’t think I’ll be returning to Peach anytime soon, and who knows if Peach will even be around much longer? So, I have chronicled my complete Peach experience here, for posterity. As you’ll see, it was quite the emotional roller coaster!

12515978_984588158287778_2133061649_n12498813_984588161621111_1666717435_n 12516027_984588164954444_1795571626_n 12498600_984588171621110_1375962278_n 12540279_984588181621109_20409284_n 12476260_984588188287775_2088634110_n 12498819_984588194954441_1580200593_n 12540036_984588208287773_41530974_n 12540470_984588221621105_1927243291_n 12540018_984588231621104_997791455_n 12498551_984588238287770_155402555_n 12527823_984588254954435_1454748764_n 12498628_984588268287767_371269046_n 12540321_984588274954433_524093897_n 12540198_984588284954432_992623084_n 12528174_984588291621098_849767490_n 12498583_984588304954430_896138119_n 12511717_984588314954429_51547717_n

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